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Wage Garnishment
The IRS can take up to 25% of your disposable income, and their way of deciding what is disposable is probably not the same as yours. They say disposable personal income is total personal income minus personal current taxes. Wage garnishment, also called "administrative wage garnishment", because they don't even have to go to court to get it, can be avoided or stopped if you know the right laws and procedures.
IRS Levies
The IRS carries a big stick and can get almost everything you have to collect back taxes. You do have rights and options which our professionals can help you take full advantage of. We can stop IRS wage levies and garnishments on the day you call us in most cases. We understand that you can not afford to hand over your entire check to the IRS. If they have levied on your bank account, we can often stop that as well.
Delinquent Tax Returns
If you owe tax from past years' income, you could possibly be subject to several penalty charges on the amount due. The IRS also charges interest on an unpaid balance. If you have not filed for years, there is hope. We can help you stop and reverse some of the damage.
Offers in Compromise
In certain circumstances the IRS will settle your tax debt for less than what is owed, even pennies on the dollar. We have experts who can prepare all the forms and represent you throughout this complex process of filings and negotiations with the IRS. Our rates are competitive and are based on the size and complexity of the case.
IRS Payment Plans
If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, we can help you get additional time to pay your taxes with an IRS installment agreement or IRS tax payment plan that fits your budget, cash flow, and the IRS's rules. Talk to us to learn more about IRS Payment Plans.
IRS Audits
They are definitely worse than a root canal for most taxpayers and literally the cause of heart attacks in others. Our professional representation is a must in this as well as all other IRS problems. You do not have to talk to the IRS when we represent you in an audit. Your peace of mind and freedom from IRS interruption of your daily schedule during the audit is well worth the professional fee. The tax saved as a result of our service is often many times our fee.
IRS Liens
When the IRS files a lien, it hurts your credit and clouds the title on your real estate. We can expedite the release of liens, in many cases, to help clear your credit and remove the encumbrance from your property.